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Entity Formation

We offer business owners a wealth of experience and not only help a new venture establish a strong base, but work to develop an on-going relationship that will serve the company's legal needs through all stages of growth. If you are thinking of purchasing a business, establishing a new company, or going into partnership, an initial consultation with a seasoned business lawyer will be one of the most important investments you make.


Effective counsel  can assist will help you with business planning that will minimize your exposure to taxes and to personal liability. The firm will provide counsel regarding the form of your business whether a partnership, S-corporation, C-corporation, limited liability company or other entity form. Each entity form has implications regarding taxes, exposure to personal liability, and operational flexibility.


Contract Law

To address the challenges and opportunities of today’s uncompromising business environments, our attorneys will draw on their experience in corporate law, strategic transactions and corporate governance matters to advise and guide our clients. Throughout a client’s growth cycle and across the full range of corporate issues, our attorneys will integrate their talents and bring legal insight and business instinct to support our diverse corporate client base.


We assist our corporate clients with their real estate needs, from start-ups securing their first office space, to our national clients with leasing, development and space elimination needs. For real estate clients, our corporate team advises on matters such as making real-estate related investments, together with other ancillary corporate matters.


Contract Formation

Our attorneys have years of experience in contract formation. The list of contract formation services includes corporate governance agreement, buy-sell agreements, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, employment agreements, sales agreements and a wide range of other agreements to assure that your interests are protected.  We do not generate form contracts and simply insert your name or the name of your company into a contract where no thought was given to your special business needs or interests. Rather, we will interview you in depth to determine the nature of your transaction, your business objectives and the potential areas where you feel you might be at risk, now or in the future.


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